If You’re Running Out of Peace, Here’s How to Get it Back!

Life is full of challenges, and for some, utter turmoil! Health challenges, not to mention “not enough money”, “not enough to eat”.  What about “not enough support or help from anyone.” That’s a big one. Finding answers to today’s challenges creates confusion and frustration. Makes you wonder: Where does it end? Just today, I walkedContinue reading “If You’re Running Out of Peace, Here’s How to Get it Back!”

We Used to Type a Letter on Paper

My cousin would come to visit every summer. Mama was a school teacher, so she was a full-time “around-the-house-person” during the summer months. That made her available to keep us busy all day, every day! When we weren’t folding laundry, or sweeping the floor, or washing dishes, windows or something “that hasn’t been washed inContinue reading “We Used to Type a Letter on Paper”

Reflecting Calms You.

So many troubling events, happening in rapid-fire succession, had me stressed-out, depressed and having trouble sleeping. Trouble sleeping had me tired & tense. Stressed, tense and tired, I’m snapping at the children, the dog, irritated by my neighbors loud music…little things seem like enormous obstacles. The anger grows with each cross word I use, andContinue reading “Reflecting Calms You.”

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